Neil Young Discusses New Tour Movie: ‘Trunk Show’

    Neil Young has yet another live film coming out to add to his already sizable collection of similar movies. Titled Neil Young Trunk Show, the film is a tour documentary that attempts to cover all aspects of his career—from wailing guitar workouts to introspective acoustic pluckings.


    “It doesn’t matter how long it is, because it’s only convention that dictates how long a song should be,” said Young in a New Yorker interview. “We don’t have to play by those rules. We just play. It goes on for a long time. It’s like jazz, or fusion. I don’t know what the hell it is. It’s what we do, and the older we get the more we do it.”


    Young also discusses the band’s shortcomings in the film. “It wasn’t an entirely great performance,” he said. “It was a struggle at times. The struggle to get the beat right on ‘No Hidden Path’ was a long one, and so finally we had to settle for playing it differently. I played it faster than I normally do.” He also spoke of his unusual attitude to the people who pay to see him play: “Yeah, but generally we hate the fucking audience. They disturb the whole thing.” Um, thanks Neil. Let’s assume he’s being sarcastic there.


    [via Clash]