Neil Diamond to team with Rick Rubin again

    Third time’s the charm; that’s what Neil Diamond and Rick Rubin must be thinking anyway, as they’ve announced that they’re about to embark on their third album together. Diamond’s last two albums, 12 Songs and Home Before Dark, were also helmed by the uberproducer, and considering that the latter earned the singer the first Number One album of his career, it’s hard to argue with the pair’s decision.


    Rubin and Diamond are set to meet at the beginning of 2009 to discuss the new album and determine its direction. Diamond has stated that they’ll be making their next effort a different kind of album than its predecessors, but it’s unclear quite what that might mean. Is the 67-year old singer about to take his maiden reggaeton voyage? Does Rubin harbor a secret desire to lend Diamond’s songs an emo touch? Details as they arrive…