Nedelle Tours Throughout Europe

    Sweet, soulful and, frankly, almost unbearably cute Bay Area singer/songwriter Nedelle, launched a European tour last night in Bologna, Italy that will see her visiting various countries throughout Europe over the course of the month. The rest of the dates are as follows:

    06-08 Milan, Italy Leoncavallo
    06-09 Genoa, Italy Madaleine Cafe
    06-11 Rome, Italy TBA
    06-12 Pesaro, Italy Moloko
    06-13 Maniago, Italy Ridotto
    06-14 Vienna, Austria Einbaumoebel
    06-15 Munich, Germany Kafe Kult *
    06-16 Nuremberg, Germany DE Pop Harbor Festival at K4 *
    06-17 Berlin, Germany Schokoladen
    06-18 Breman, Germany Roemer #
    06-19 Hamburg, Germany Astra Strube
    06-21 Messina, Sicily Sicily Cinque Quarti
    06-22 Catania, Sicily La Chiave
    06-23 Reims, France L’Appart
    06-24 Nantes, France Le Bobard
    06-26 London, England Luminaire
    06-27 Oxford, England – Port Mahon


    *with An Albatross

    #with Gossip


    This tour is only part of what amounts to a busy summer for Nedelle. In August shell act as a touring member of The Curtains, whose upcoming album she contributed backing vocals to. Dates are still in the works, but should be revealed soon. The as-yet-untitled Curtains record should be out on Asthmatic Kitty sometime this fall.


    But wait, theres more. This month will see the release of a Nedelle/Curtains cassingle on Sanitary Records. A cassingle, in case youre wondering, is a single released on a cassette (makes sense no?) Sanitary has an ongoing series of these being released every month, with a super-limited run of 100 copies each. You can read more about the project here. Nedelle also recently announced that her fourth studio album, I Hate A Mountain, will be out next February on Kill Rock Stars. If all that still isnt enough for you, she also contributed to the recent KRS compilation The Sound the Hare Heard.

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