NBCUniversal Announces G4 Rebranding

    Ten years after its debut, cable network G4 is set to get a rebranding next year.

    Variety reports that NBCUniversal, the parent company of G4, is planning to change the network’s focus to “a direction reminiscent of GQ [Magazine]” and may also be changing the channel’s name. This means the video-game-centric network will be aiming less for the teen-and-college age demographic and more toward “modern men” with interests “beyond the dorm room or messy bachelor pad.”

    G4’s spokesperson declined comment to Variety, which doesn’t sound like a good sign. Nothing has been announced about the state of G4’s current programming, which includes the popular daily news show Attack of the Show!, cult classic movies and extensive coverage of fanboy favorite events like Comic Con and E3.

    The rebranding of G4 is not the first time NBCUniversal has tinkered with their network’s image: in 2009, NBCUniversal rebranded The Sci-Fi Channel as SyFy, dropping the channel’s obvious focus on science fiction for reality shows. The Style Network and E! also were similarly rebranded.