Nathan Williams of Wavves Discusses his Primavera Meltdown

    These days Nathan Williams, the voice behind the fuzz n’ buzz pop outfit Wavves, may be less known for his music, and perhaps more for his temper. The short-fused singer recently suffered a sanity-shattering embarrassment during a failed set at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival. In many reports of what went down, Williams proceeded to insult his audience, yell at the sound guy, and argued onstage with his drummer, Ryan Ulsh. In an apologetic blog post, Williams admitted to taking a variety of pills before the show (Ectacy, Valium and Xanax), which help catalyze the freak out. Now in a revealing interview with Pitchfork, Williams discusses his uncomfortable and rapid rise to fame, his shaky relationship with Ulsh, and why the criticism over his Primavera performance was blown out of proportion. [Pitchfork]