Natalie Portman To Play Jackie Kennedy?

    Noah Oppenheim’s screenplay for a Jackie Kennedy biopic titled Jackie has had a lot of trouble getting off the ground. The project has been passed from director to director with no luck of getting made. Steven Spielberg was attached to it in 2010, and then former couple Darren Aronofsky and Rachel Weisz were planning it, but when they separated, the project was stopped.

    The latest actress attached to the role of the former First Lady is Natalie Portman, who won an Oscar for her performance in Aronofsky’s Black Swan. According to Deadline, Fox Searchlight wants Portman for the part.

    The film details the emotional days in Jackie Kennedy’s life between President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and his burial. Indiewire had the chance to look at the script, which they found “moving.”

    If Portman accepts the role and the film can get moving, this could be another chance for the actress to win Oscar gold, since the part has Academy Awards written all over it.

    There’s no word yet on who would direct Portman in the part, but apparently the actress, who likes the screenplay, will make her decision based on who is at the helm, so maybe Aronofsky will come back to the project to collaborate with the Portman again.