Nashville Hates the Kings of Leon and Their Evolved Sense of Humor

    Much like the Germans love David Hasselhoff, the English love the Kings of Leon. But while the Hoff is also adored stateside, the Followills can’t even get love in their own hometown. Bassist Jared Followill said that while the band members are recognized in their hometown of Nashville, the good people of country music’s capital "hate them." Jared speculates this arises from the schism in musical tastes, but brother and drummer Nathan says that the press in Nashville simply doesn’t get the band’s sense of humor:


    We make some joke then the next day in the Nashville paper it will be, ‘The gross Kings Of Leon watch each other have sex’. They didn’t realise we were being sarcastic. We’ve got a Ricky Gervais-type of sense of humour. Very sarcastic. Some people just don’t get it."


    Though there are probably higher concentrations of Ricky Gervais fans to be found elsewhere, it’s a sure bet that there are plenty of fans of Extras and The Office in Nashville. My recommendation: to make a friend Followills, be a friend. [Angry Ape]