Track Review: Nas – “Where Are They Now (Remix)”

    Good lord. I wasn’t even old enough to fully appreciate these guys when they were around, and I’m going crazy. I can only imagine what thirty-somethings are doing right now listening to Nas’s new remix, where he answers the question he posed in the original. And the answer is that they are all right there in the studio with him. From

    The “Where Are They Now” remix features 90’s rappers Redhead Kingpin, Rob Base, Original Spinderella, Father MC, Monie Love, Mike Gee of the Jungle Brothers, E-S-T of 3XDope, Positive K, Das Efx, DoItAll of Lords of the Underground, Chip-Fu of the Fu-Schnickens and Dres of Black Sheep spittin’ over the “Where Are They Now” track blended with beats from their 90’s hits, including “It Takes Two,” “We Want Efx,” “True Fu-Schnick”and “The Choice is Yours,” among others.

    Awesome. Especially exciting (for me anyway) is hearing Das EFX (who bring it) and Chip-Fu of Fu Schnickens (who maybe wins the gold). Though the beat-blending isn’t totally seamless, it’s not distracting at all, and at times it’s downright awesome. All in all, this might be the best thing associated with an already solid record.