Nas Talks Sports, Possibilities Of An Illmatic Trilogy

    With an appearance on The Tonight Show, a performance at Coachella, and various interviews, Nas has been busy celebrating the release of Illmatic XX. One such appearance was on Cabbie Presents, a segment on TSN’s SportsCentre.

    Being a sports show, Nas and Cabbie discuss many sports related topics, including Nas’ love and admiration for Mike Tyson, whether he cheers for the Mets or Yankees, and if things like Michael Jordan’s fade away should be considered “illmatic.”

    Cabbie also asks Nas how technology has changed the way he writes verses, and if he ever considered releasing a follow up to the Illmatic and Stillmatic albums, to complete the trilogy. At first Nas says “no,” but then Cabbie brings up Quentin Tarantino…