Nas Releasing ‘The Lost Tapes: Vol. 2,’ Working on Tenth LP

    Following the release of his tepid ninth album, Untitled, Nas saw his name appearing in headlines and news stories for the wrong reasons*. In particular, throughout 2009, we all learned of his divorce with Kelis, which led to him having to make some hefty child and spousal support. Last I heard, it was somewhere around the $200,000 figure, if not more.


    But the Nasty one is looking to move past all that personal BS this year as he’s planning on releasing a follow-up to his acclaimed 2002 compilation, The Lost Tapes. While most collections of unreleased tracks typically showcase that the music within was left on the cutting room floor for a reason, this one was different in that, well, it was one of Nas’s better projects.


    And according to a tweet from him last night, the Queens native is putting together a sequel for later this year. If that wasn’t enough, MTV spoke with Nas and learned that he’s working on his tenth album, which will be his first since 2008’s Untitled. Rumor has it that Nas might work with the RZA on this one, too. Their last pairing? Oh, just “Verbal Intercourse,” also known as one of the better tracks on Raekwon’s classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.


    The Lost Tapes: Vol. 2 is due out Dec. 14 while Nas plans on releasing his next studio album before summer 2011.


    *Well, aside from that BS he did make a solid record, Distant Relatives, with Damian Marley this year.