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Nas Narrates, Scores ESPN Doc on Liberian Amputee Soccer Team


Though he's been sidetracked by financial woes over the last several months, Nas has nevertheless been keeping busy on the creative front. The New York-born and bred hip-hop vet is not only prepping his new Distant Relatives collaboration with Damian Marley, but he's taken the time to provide the voiceover and music for a new story that's part of ESPN's ongoing E:60 series. 


The MC's gravelly, yet soft-spoken delivery offsets the harsh reality of the documentary, which centers on two members of the Liberian amputee soccer team whose inspirational efforts helped "heal a nation" torn by nearly two decades of civil war. Nas, a son of the Queensbridge housing projects, says at the beginning of the teaser, "I realized my realities were like a walk in the park compared to what these kids go through in other countries." The full E:60 story airs Tuesday, May 4 at 7pm EST on ESPN. 

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Good stuff. I like the things Nas has been doing lately...very positive. And I'm looking forward to that Distant Relatives on May 18th. The tracks all sound amazing so far. Great work!


Decent stuff.


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From what I heard thus far Nas and Damian really did amazing work with their Distant Relatives album! I can't wait to buy this album on May 18th this is the type of music that makes one proud to be a hip hop fan! This teaser was great and I will be watching the entire documentary on Tuesday!

strong will conitnue

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