XXL’s Nas cover story teaser

    Via: XXL
    Further cementing the fact that Hip-Hop Is Dead is the most interestingly/strangely leaked rap LP in recent memory, XXL has posted a journalistic “leak” of their own: a portion of their upcoming cover story on Nas. In a semi-revealing bit of tape, Kelis’ better half opens up about the making of “Black Republican” (though it seems the interview was conducted pre-song leakage, when the Nas and Jay-Z collab still seemed almost too good to be true):

    So the song with you and Jay, ””Black Republican,”” is”
    It”’s on some rap shit. [Laughs] It”’s on some rap shit.
    Were you guys in the room together when you did it?
    Yeah, heavy. No other way. I was having a slow day in the studio, and he swung by, and it turned into a party. It turned to good times ”’cause that was our first moment. It was an easy vibe.
    So you guys have recorded together, been seen on double dates together, and you joined him on tour overseas. Are you building a friendship?
    It ain”’t about trying to build a friendship, because, umm”¦ I don”’t think rappers got into it to be friends. We got music to make, history to make and things to do. Honestly, I”’d rather just be with K. Her and me, we ride out. Other than that, I got my homies, and I got my comrades. There”’s camaraderie in rap, and there”’s competition, and there”’s history to be made, and [Jay and I] understand that, and that”’s what it is. There”’s a respect thing between each other.

    The full story will run in the mag’s January/February issue, whose cover Nas will split (like Cam’ron before him) with Young Jeezy.