Nas finds new way to remind us Illmatic was a classic

    Columbia records has announced the release of a Nas Greatest Hits album for November 6th. It is entitled simply ””Greatest Hits,”” as ””Half of Illmatic Plus A Couple of the Radio Hits You Might Still Remember”” was deemed too long. The retrospective comes as far as 2004’s double-disc release Street’s Disciple. The album will also contain two new tracks: ””Surviving the Times”” and ””Less than an Hour,”” the latter of which features Cee-Lo and originates from the Rush Hour 3 soundtrack. There is no doubt this compilation will be as important to hip-hop as Rush Hour 3.[more:]

    Nas – Greatest Hits – Tracklisting
    1) Surviving The Times (newly recorded)
    2) Less than an Hour (Theme from Rush Hour 3) (newly recorded)
    3) It Ain’t Hard to Tell (from Illmatic)
    4) Life’s A Bitch (from Illmatic)
    5) N.Y. State of Mind (from Illmatic)
    6) One Love (from Illmatic)
    7) If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) (from It Was Written)
    8) Street Dreams (Remix) Feat. R. Kelly (original from It Was Written; remix from 2002’s From Illmatic to Stillmatic: The Remixes EP)
    9) Hate Me Now Feat. Puff Daddy (from I Am”¦ The Autobiography)
    10) One Mic (from Stillmatic)
    11) Got Ur Self A”¦ (from Stillmatic)
    12) Made You Look (from God’s Son)
    13) I Can (from God’s Son)
    14) Bridging the Gap Feat. Olu Dara (from Street’s Disciple)