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Track Review: Nas ft. The Game and Marsha Ambrosius (produced by Dr. Dre) - "Hustlers" (MP3)

And the biggest buddy-movie rap record of the year gets even more enticing.
Until recently, "Hustlers" (originally titled "QB Tru G's" but renamed when Floetry's Marsha Ambrosius came on board to sing the hook) wasn't even a lock to make it onto Hip Hop Is Dead. And at first glance the track's particulars read like a re-hash of "Why You Hate The Game," with Dr. Dre replacing Just Blaze. But the song quickly puts these dubious first impressions to bed, standing up next to everything else yet to leak off Esco's new LP. Over the thinnest-of-thin, patent Dr. Dre string synths and a stop-start beat, Nas and The Game engage in a bit of "heaven for your ears," conscientiously outlining the criss-crossing connections linking these three hip-hop heavyweights across coasts and decades; they even get excited about the Firm. In the mouths of lesser rappers, this type of friendship-on-wax would fall flat, but Nas' new-found hunger rubs off on The Game, who rubs off on Nas, who rubs off on--you get it. Dec. 19th, kids.
Nas ft. The Game and Marsha Ambrosius (produced by Dr. Dre) - "Hustlers"
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Track Review

This seemed like the most popular track at the listening session a few weeks back.

Dave Park

Perfect track

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