Nas Brings Out Fresh Prince Of Bel Air In Philly

    This is like one of those “Whoa, that person is still around?” WTF story: While performing as part of the Distant Relatives tour in Philly this week, Nas brought out an old rapper who is known to Philly residents as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The Fresh Prince, aka Will Smith, danced mad awkwardly onstage during one of Nas’s songs (I can’t tell what it was because the noise is mad blown-out here), and that’s pretty much it, more or less. I guess we’re just left wondering what Fresh Prince has been doing in the mean time. I mean, what ever happened to that dude?* [Vibe]


    *-Of course I know what happened to that dude. He starred in that one movie about aliens that one time. But it’s funnier to me to act like Fresh Prince is like Whodini or something, than to go WILL SMITH, STAR OF BAGGER VANCE, BROUGHT OUT AT NAS CONCERT!!!!!!