NARM Conference Numbers: 2% Of Albums Released Last Year Accounted For 91% Of Sales

    NARM or the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (no, not the North American Registry of Midwives as you would initially assume) met over the weekend to talk about their shrinking bank accounts and how they can convince people to purchase music once more.


    Among things they probably wept openly about were Nielsen Soundscan numbers that showed of the 98,000 albums released last year, only 2.1% crossed the 5,000 sales mark. These made of 91% of sales for the year, which means, if you want to get sadder, this means that approxmately 95,942 albums accounted for only 9% of total albums sales last year. Oh, and remeber, this doesn’t include any album sold last year that were released before 2009.


    So, while your incredibly ground-breaking band lists “Not Yet” in the label spot of their MySpace, remember that it might not be a bad thing. Instead of trying to get signed, focus on making good music and maybe (just maybe) you’ll have the opportunity to add a nice second income to your job at Urban Outfitters.


    [The Daily Swarm]