Nardwuar vs. Flying Lotus

    British Columbia DJ and professional creeper Nardwuar has made a career of his bizarre interviews with musicians, in which he uncovers details of the musical and personal lives they thought were unknown. His latest: Los Angeles DJ/producer Steve Ellison, better known as Flying Lotus. And although the Canadian internet sensation had his work cut out for him (Flying Lotus is closely related to a number of famous jazz musicians, including John and Alice Coltrane), he still managed to catch Ellison off guard. The two discussed a school classmate who became a porn star, his houses near two famous Boogie Nights locations and the songs that his grandmother wrote, one of was made famous by Diana Ross, the other which is titled “I Get High.” However, the most interesting moment came when Nardwuar informed Flying Lotus that Dr. Dre was watching his show at Coachella. Ellison reacts as any normal person would and flips out.

    Watch the interview below: