Born-again Napster 4 streams from the web

    At long last, they’ve caught up to Pandora and Rhapsody. The new Napster has been reborn four times now. Version 4.0 will allow the non-Windows users out there (the legions of Mac heads and handful of Linux sysadmins) the opportunity to stream any of Napster’s 5 million subscription tracks. It also unveils a variety of new features, including Napster automatix, which brings the usual gamut of recommendation pattern matching into the fold.
    If nothing else this may hopefully spur Rhapsody into cleaning up some of their bugs – their player works capriciously under Linux and causes odd browser bugs on Mac OS X (caveat: I haven’t used a Mac for my desktop in about six months). Beyond that this will bring more joy for the existing core of Napster users than an influx of new ones.