Mystery Artist Campaigning For Soundtrack Space On New Cameron Crowe Movie

    The movie going public might be a little shy of the new Cameron Crowe movie, We Bought A Zoo, given that it features Matt Damon in a based on a true story version of a family who purchased the titular reserve to honor the last request of its dying mother and the fact that Elizabethtown was kind of lame. One thing that won’t disappoint, however, is the film’s soundtrack. Damon has already said an early draft he read had a lot of Eddie Vedder and Neil Young. Crowe didn’t deny this, but added a little mystery when he added that a mystery musician is in the studio, lobbying to be on the soundtrack. This of course begs the question of who the artist in question might be. While it seems that U2 would be ripe for a collaboration, I think this might be the year Weird Al crashes the Oscars. [IndieWIRE]