MySpace’s New Marketing Guy Says They’re Coming Back (Which Is His Job)

    The news that MySpace was purchased out from under NewsCorp was a head-scratcher, because why would anyone want to own a social network that is on its way down? But according to MySpace’s new marketing chief, MySpace is in a good position moving forward, mostly because of all the contracts it has with the four major labels, which actually sort of makes sense. I’ll let this dude tell it via an awkward metaphor about a teenager:

    “This young adult male needs to be put on a diet, we need to get it on P90X, clean its system and get back to its foundation. And we’ve found that foundation is music,” Mr. Dejewski told Ad Age. “No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs.”

    Al Dejewski is the name of the marketing exec, and he’s interviewed on AdAge. It’s interesting because it’s some corporate B.S. about how great the company is, but it sort of makes sense. Maybe I’m susceptible to this kind of spin, or something. Read the whole thing over here.