In MySpace no one can hear you scream

    Stop…hey…what’s that sound? Why, it’s a global entertainment conglomerate desperately thrashing its corporate limbs around the new media pool in a frenzied attempt to stave off imminent dinosaurhood for maybe a few more precious months, long enough for the cats in the corner offices to strap on their golden parachutes (ah, it’s the ’80s all over again…) before the whole thing goes kablooey and supply walks sorrowfully away from demand in shameful defeat.


    In other words,  Universal, Sony/BMG, and Warner have entered into an unprecedented joint venture with MySpace to deliver a new "e-commerce solution." In a move guaranteed to put CD Baby and Tunecore off their lunch, the new music-biz Super Friends have declared their intentions to "evolve the user’s ability to discover, share, and socialize by adding commerce and music tools" to MySpace. In a press release adorned with testimonials to the ginchiness of the concept from all parties involved, and loaded with juicy-but-vague buzzterms like "360 degree music solution," Myspace/Uni/Sony/BMG/Warner has pledged to save music retail from itself. Can’t wait to get 360 degree access to the Switchfoot catalogue? Your prayers are about to be answered.