MySpace finally shows the indies some love

    Remember in September when Prefix reported that indie labels were going to sue MySpace because MySpace had partnered with major labels but left the indies out in the cold?


    What a difference a few months makes. Today, the folks at MySpace announced they’re adding five independent “industry heavyweights” to their ranks, including Nettwerk, INgrooves, IRIS Distribution, RoyaltyShare and Wind-up Entertainment. That means several thousand songs will be added to their catalog – including everyone from Thievery Corporation to Dolly Parton to Marvin Gaye to Modest Mouse to Deerhunter to Tila Tequila (well, no one said life was perfect).


    This news is especially interesting because it comes on the heels of word from TechCrunch that Facebook’s effort to launch a free streaming music service is stymied because Warner Music refused to participate. All of this should beef up the arguments of those who always felt Facebook had a staid, waiting room-like quality to it.


    For the full MySpace press release, go here.