My Morning Jacket’s Jim James Details Solo Album

    A little more than a year removed from last year’s Circuital LP, My Morning Jacket has been on the road supporting the album for a minute now. However, MMJ frontman Jim James has also been making time for his proper solo debut.
    In a new Rolling Stone piece, James tells RS‘Andy Greene is done and will “come out in early February of next year.” On the actual sound of the record, James said the following: “It’s got some mellow stuff on there, but it’s also got some really different stuff. I’m really proud of it. I think it’s got some different soundscapes that I’ve been into that maybe have been hidden on some Jacket records.”

    Additionally, James also worked with some non-MMJ musicians for the effort. “One of my childhood friends, who was in the first band I was ever in, plays drums on most of the record,” he says in the article. “Now I’m trying to put the band together to go on tour with after it comes out. I’m getting back together with friends I haven’t played with in a long time, from home. It’s very exciting.”