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My Morning Jacket Seeks To Shed Southern Rock Label, Cares Enough To Comment About It

My Morning Jacket may be the pride of Louisville, Kentucky, but the band's drummer is sure about one thing: it isn't a southern rock band. Patrick Hallahan, in a recent interview with Spinner, said that while he and his bandmates don't fight labels, they "don't consider ourselves a southern rock band by any stretch." Though Hallahan goes on to deny the band's bona fides by explaining away My Morning Jacket's "Free Bird" performance in Elizabethtown, but the talk is not necessary; anyone from the South knows that Louisville isn't a part of it- the city is practically in Ohio and is on the map because of a fancy horse race. [Spinner]

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My Morning Jacket

Has this been a heated debate? Like at all?

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Well, a map for you might be in order, since Louisville is not remotely close to Ohio. (That would Covington, Kentucky.) Southerners (south of the Mason-Dixon line and outside Jefferson County, KY) think Louisville isn't part of the South because the city was mostly pro-Union, not pro-Confederacy, back in the day. That's where the money was for Louisville merchants; the slave trade wasn't all that profitable here. As for MMJ, they're not Southern rockers, they're a jamband with a reverb fixation and serious interests in experimentation. Not too many bands here would call themselves Southern rock; we prefer the more useful 'Louisville music' as a label.

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