My Bloody Valentine Warns Fans Not To Purchase Album From Ebay

    When My Bloody Valentine announced plans to release their first new album since 1991, thousands of dreamy Gen X-ers (and desperately misunderstood Gen Y-ers) took to the Internet to express their–sigh–joy; it’s a wonder the system never crashed. Now that the record, titled simply MBV, is available for purchase on the band’s website, the inevitable wave of profiteering has begun.

    MBV took to Facebook to warn fans not to purchase any copies of the album from eBay sellers.

    there are a number of people on e bay trying to sell our album at greatly inflated prices, they do not have the album, and are, as such, selling a product that does not exist yet. please do not buy from these people. Our ship date for orders placed on our website is Feb 22nd. this is the date that finished stock will exist.

    You should note that these particular sellers claim only that they will ship the album when they receive it from the distributor (suggesting they pre-ordered the limited edition versions). Still, charging nearly $100 for a product with a retail value of $30 (as listed on the band’s website) is fairly sketchy but not at all unusual by eBay standards (have you ever bought designer knock-off clothing shipped from Hong Kong?).

    Clearly the real message here is: don’t be stupid.