My Bloody Valentine ATP show on MP3

    You’ve been waiting for it since the Clinton administration, hoping, wishing, daring to dream that one day My Bloody Valentine would play again. But when it finally happened, 17 years after the release of their last album, maybe you had to shampoo your hyena, or take your Hyundai to the dentist, or something, and you couldn’t make their triumphant performance at All Tomorrows Parties in upstate New York on Sept. 21. Or maybe you did make it to that mind-blowing, ear-shattering event, and you just want to relive the experience.


    Either way, your prayers have been answered.  Boston-based blog Bradley’s Almanac has been so kind as to post MP3’s of the band’s entire set for your aural edification. So why are you still reading this? Dive in, and prepare to have your mind melted.


    [Large Hearted Boy