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Writers strike crushing artists' opportunities for late-night performances

Some of your favorite bands are feeling the pinch of the Writers Guild of America strike, as at least a dozen acts have been bumped from their performances on late-night TV since the walkout on November 5, Reuters reports. Grizzly Bear was set to play David Letterman on November 6 to coincide with the release of the "Friend''" EP. The group had been rehearsing for two weeks with a six-person choir. "It was very disappointing," manager Ami Kay Spishock told Reuters, adding that the release-date timing was important because "you can't get that back''" even if the band is rebooked. Unfortunately, talk shows like Regis & Kelly, which isn't affected by the strike and apparently isn't staffed by huge Grizzly Bear fans, couldn't pick up the slack by providing a little daytime "Alligator."

Indeed, I miss my late-night funny shows. But a couple of good things came out of this recently. I caught Feist'''s performance on the SNL rerun this past Saturday night. (Btw, who knew Brian Williams can act?) And a lucky few caught Yo La Tengo play at the ''"Saturday Night Live''" non-television version of the show, which was performed Saturday at the Upright Citizen'''s Brigade in New York to raise spirits and money for those who are really getting screwed: the shows''' production crews.
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