Muse Sued For $3.5 Million Over Allegedly Stealing Sci-Fi Rock Opera

    Muse has never been much for subtlety, but we’d always assumed that their big, sweeping rock dramas came directly from the grandiose recesses of Matthew Bellamy’s brain. According to one songwriter, however, it’s just not so. Warner Music and Muse are currently being sued to the tune of $3.5 million by a man named Charles Bollfrass, who claims that Muse’s “Exogenesis Symphony” directly rips off his own rock opera of the same name. 

    Bollfrass penned his sci-fi rock opera, which details the story of humankind colonizing other planets in order to further the race, back in 2005. He allegedly contacted Muse and two other bands to see if they would be interested in scoring the piece. Bellamy and friends refused, but a similarly-titled and -themed rock epic mysteriously appeared as the last tracks on 2009’s Resistance LP. Muse’s 15-minute “Exogenesis” features lyrics about humanity’s journey to the outer universe, as if they did in fact score Bollfrass’s story without telling him first.

    Of course, the obvious question is why Bollfrass didn’t challenge Muse immediately following the release of The Resistance if he was so sure he’d been plagiarized. Maybe it took him three years to lawyer up–or maybe he’s trying to milk what he can off a band that has a lot more money than he does. I hear times are tough these days for sci-fi rock opera writers. [Antiquiet]

    Update: A spokesman for Muse stated the following (Sept. 11).

    “The claim is complete nonsense, and is categorically denied.  It appears to be based on a ‘screenplay’ which the band never received or saw, produced by someone the band has never heard of.  It speaks volumes that the album in question was released a full 3 years ago, and yet this is the first that has been heard of these groundless allegations”.