Muse Elected “Most Exciting Live Act Of All Time” By NME Readers

    Earlier this month, NME asked its readers to select acts they believe to be the most exciting live performers of all time. And earlier today, published the results, which are very NME-ian and thus pretty contentious. (500,000 NME Readers Can’t Be Wrong?)

    Muse, straight outta Teignmouth, England, took the top spot, followed by the Strokes, the Killers, Queen, Springsteen, and Nirvana. Check out the entire top 20 below.

    1. Muse
    2. The Strokes
    3. The Killers
    4. Queen
    5. Bruce Springsteen
    6. Nirvana
    7. Arctic Monkeys
    8. The White Stripes
    9. Led Zeppelin
    10. Rage Against the Machine
    11. Radiohead
    12. Jimi Hendrix
    13. AC/DC
    14. David Bowie
    15. The Cure
    16. Foo Fighters
    17. Pink Floyd
    18. Blur
    19. The Clash
    20. The Rolling Stones