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Murs talks major label, new album

murs1.jpg(Via: Paper Thin Walls)
Soon-to-be-ex-Def-Jukie Murs speaks to XXL about getting signed to Warner Bros., his new album, and the state of hip-hop here.
A quick preview: "Rap is the only music that'''s self-referencing. You don'''t hear artists in other genres complaining about the state of their music. In rap it'''s all about ''"you''" and right now, it'''s very selfish music. I got songs [on my album] about being a felon and not getting hired for work. I'''ve got a song rapping from the point of view of a homeless man. I dig deep for concepts. I want to show that hip-hop isn'''t all bad. It'''s alive and well, just badly misrepresented."
He also notes he wants to work with Kid Rock and Gym Class Heroes. Make of that what you will.
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It was all good til the bit about Gym Class Heroes and Kid Rock. That's kinda sad.

Dave Park

You didnt mention that he wants to work with Droop-E and Mistah F.A.B.!That makes up for the other two a little.

Adrian Covert

Why is Kid Rock still around? The last Murs record was so damn good, why the hell would he want to work with Kid Rock?

John B

Ba-wit-ta-ba-da-diggy-diggy, who wouldn't want to work with that?

Andrew Douglas

He said Rick Rock, not Kid Rock. BIG difference.

Jay Williams

Kid's on that list, too. (Although we wish we'd made some sort of mixup...)

Mike Krolak

My mistake. I guess that was just me not wanting to believe it's true.

Jay Williams

Like I said, I'm right there with you. Ugh.

Mike Krolak

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