Murs Dropping 10 Albums In 2010

    In the accompanying video interview with Baller Status, Murs reveals that he has such a huge supply of tracks recorded. And, this year, he plans on dropping 10 albums, which will feature 10 tracks each, in the last week of the coming months. And the series of albums kicks off March 30 with Fornever, an album produced entirely by 9th Wonder. After that, it’s all up in the air.


    The MC also reveals in the interview that he left Warner Bros., which put out Murs for President, based on creative differences. He felt like he was being held back and, as such, didn’t see certain songs getting pushed. He said he also wasn’t able to tour as much. It’s a shame he didn’t take off on a bigger label, especially because Murs for President had potential, but at the same time it felt weird knowing Murs was on a major. Here’s hoping we get another Felt, which is the duo of Murs and Slug, record this year.