Murder City Devils to Reunite for Capitol Hill Block Party

    Following rumors started on their Myspace page two weeks ago, it was confirmed yesterday (Thursday, June 8) that legendary Seattle band the Murder City Devils will be reuniting for Seattles Capitol Hill Block Party at Neumos from July 28-29. The festival will also feature performances from Silversun Pickups, Himsa, Common Market, Big Business, Sera Cahoone, Speaker Speaker, Lonely H, Thee Emergency, The Cops, The Divorce, Macklemore, Math & Physics Club, Kimya Dawson (of The Moldy Peaches), Abyssian Creole, Pretty Girls Make Graves and many more.


    The bands members went on to play in groups like Modest Mouse, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Dead Low Tide, Big Business and many other groups since parting ways in 2001. Known for their explosive (literally they light stuff on fire) live shows, the group released three full-lengths on Sub Pop as well as the Thelema EP in 2001, right before they threw in the towel. A recording of their final show was released as R.I.P. in 2003. Gabe, the bands roadie, encouraged fans to submit set list suggestions via Myspace, as well as promising all original members would be in attendance (even Merchbot 2000!). He insisted, however, that this is a one-show reunion only. So, expect no new recordings, and the band wont pull a Pixies and launch a reunion tour either, even though they seem to be all the rage lately. We advise fans to enjoy the show for what it is, and then get back to coping without them. You can always obsess over bassist Derek Frudescos post-Devils band, Pretty Girls Make Graves. We know, we dont think its the same either.

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