Munsters Reboot ‘Mockingbird Lane’ To Air As Halloween Special

    The last we heard of The Munsters reboot show Mockingbird Lane was that NBC was considering passing on the series.

    Now, is appears NBC will not be bringing the show to a series commitment, but still has plans to air the pilot episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter. NBC will be releasing the Bryan Singer directed pilot as a one-off Halloween special.

    Also, the report gave some insight as to what went wrong with the production of Mockingbird Lane. Apparently, writer Bryan Fuller and Singer had differences on the visual style of the series. Also, NBC was pushing for some “fish-out-of-water” scenarios for the Munster family, while Fuller wanted to keep the characters in their own self-contained universe. Plus, Fuller’s commitment to the Hannibal series has left him unable to make any changes to Mockingbird Lane.

    So, there you have it: we’ll get a revised version of The Munsters, but just for one TV special.