Mumford And Sons’ Ted Dwane Expresses Concerns About The Band’s Success

    With a sophomore album that’s headed to the top of the Billboard Charts in the States and conquering the same position on the UK Album Charts, Mumford and Sons have a lot to happy about. However, one thing they aren’t looking forward to is the imminent brush with the celebrity lifestyle that’s toppled many bands before them.

    Speaking with NME, multi-instrumentalist Ted Dwane notes one precautionary group while assessing the band’s status. “We don’t want to be as big as Oasis!” he said. “I think we’re bigger than we ever wanted to be. I don’t think we want to get any bigger now.”

    He continues by saying the band would be perfectly content with a lifestyle that’s better suited for the countryside than big city.

    “Pretty much all of our dreams sit around the countryside and having a small little bit of land to do something with,” he explains. “I think when that desire takes over our desires to travel and play gigs, that’s probably where we’ll end up. [Celebrity] holds no interest for us.”