Mulleted Legions Rejoice As Anvil Hits Recording Studio and Inks Rock Band Deal

    Canadian headbangers Anvil have risen from obscurity after a director and former roadie made a moving documentary about, well, the band’s obscurity. Playing to packed houses nationwide, sometimes with appearances from the band, the film has finally given the Anvil its due. Though billed initially as a real life Spinal Tap, the real theme emerging from the film is that no matter one’s chosen form of expression (even hair metal), true art can be created. The band’s years of dedication in the face of adversity are finally paying off, as they recently hit the studio to record songs for a soundtrack album and Rock Band. While doubtless some will probably look at the band’s success as one more freak show in Behind the Music reality genre, listening with unjaded ears indicates that, if nothing else, Anvil is valuable as a final connection to metal’s glory days in the Eighties. Hopefully being an overnight sensation after thirty some years won’t ruin the good thing the band has going. [Billboard]