MTV Spring Break Totally Happened Last Week (Videos)


    While all the cool kids went to SXSW or Twittered about wishing they were there last week, dudes wearing swim trunks with pockets full of roofies and women dressed in bikinis went to/watched the hell on earth that has been facetiously titled "MTV Spring Break." I haven’t watched the MTV coverage since I was about 12, but there’s a bunch of video performances all over mtvU, which I’ve collected here for your entertainment and work avoidance purposes.


    Lil Wayne, whose "Prom Queen" is above" was obviously the biggest draw, and he obliged by playing some relatively coherent guitar on easily the worst song of his career. Seriously, "Prom Queen" is representative of how Wayne needs someone telling him "no" every once in a while. He can’t sing any more than Kanye West can, but at least Kanye has the sense to use an Auto-Tuner.


    Kid Cudi "Day N Nite"


    Kid Cudi’s "Day N Nite" is becoming something of a hit in America a year after the Crookers remix was popular in the U.K. He seemed pretty enthusiastic and his performance was pretty solid, but the crowd was pretty quiet for him. His style of laid-back hip-hop doesn’t translate well for massive inebriated throngs.


    Asher Roth "I Love College"



    Asher Roth’s "I Love College" is quickly becoming inescapable at the college bars I frequent, since college kids love nothing better than talking about how drunk they were last night. Roth’s song is the first song to specifically speak to the Facebook-esque story-telling that comes with every house party ("He got so drunk, he threw up everywhere!!!), so it makes sense that this song would be a huge hit at a party that celebrates reckless drinking for college students. But what makes less sense is why 30-year-old Jim Jones would need to hop in during the song to do a verse about how much he loves having sex. Predictably, everyone goes crazy, and I lose my faith in my generation. Again. [Videos via