MTV’s Mobile Service is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

    Via Digital Music News
    MTV will launch a mobile subscription service the name of which, thanks to Gwen Stefani, everyone will be able to spell: Bananas. The company promises it will work on multiple phone carriers and feature access to content from shows like The Real World, so you can keep abreast of the latest hot-tub orgies. Ringtones and music sound bites will also be available, though details are scarce on the actual offerings and which providers will be included in the service.
    Despite the utter failure of similar ventures, like ESPN Mobile, such offerings will become more common with cell phones that have high-speed data connections — plenty of phones out there are able to stream Internet and satellite radio stations already. MTV also cited the success of made-for-mobile original series like Sway’s Hip-Hop Owner’s Manual. You can catch a sample of that scintillating show here, where Sway breaks down the science on Yung Joc’s dance: joccin’. At the very least skip to the point where there’s forty-five minutes remaining: some insane dancer named Tweety from the BX comes on with crazy eyes!