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MTV Is Live Blogging Lil Wayne's Release From Prison

Don’t fret if you’ve already read Lil Wayne’s last letter from prison before his release this Thursday (Nov. 4), and need to fill a gap in the Weezy news cycle. MTV is aware that anything connected with Wayne generates huge traffic, and has decided to take the next logical step in sating the general public’s appetite for every morsel of Lil Wayne news.

Yes, the former music network has decided to live blog all the happenings leading up to his release from jail, and has even declared it “Welcome Home Weezy” week on MTV News. “We're deploying crews across the country, from Miami to Las Vegas and everywhere in between," they write. “Check back here, around the clock, for constantly updated coverage on Lil Wayne across our multimedia platforms.”


The entries are scant at present—“Eminem looks forward to Lil Wayne’s prison release” is one of the thin-on-the-ground articles currently near the top of the page. But expect the coverage to really ramp up tomorrow, as MTV essentially turns into a giant Lil Wayne stalker, and will apparently spare no detail in their quest to document this pivotal event in world history. Personally, I just hope MTV goes all cross-platform and gets the Situation to interview Wayne mere seconds after he is released. 


Head over here to let the live blogging commence.


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Lil Wayne

we are happy lilwayne is release from jail

mustapha isma'il kt

hi yall,

whats poppin.

last day in rikers island.

When i get out its straight to the studio. Young MOney!


Weezy, so glad 4 u coming home. No matter where u r, u always belong to the " 504 "I met u in Tampa @ the Hardrock casino for Super Bowl 2009. u passed right by the table where i was dealing right by the red carpet and i yelled 504 and u threw a hand up to me. u were running to the club(Floyds) and we couldnt chat. hopefully one day we can. luvving weezy in the 504


i wish everyone who had gun possesion on their record could get out in 8 months...Free Macc

Deez Nuts

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