MTV cancels its inaugural ball

    I know a lot of you were planning on heading out to MTV’s inaugural ball on January 20 (AKA  [more:] the day Merriweather Post Pavilion is out on CD the day Obama gets inaugurated), but MTV has decided to cancel it’s own ball to televise a show from another ball, likely Obama’s own youth inaugural ball. An MTV spokesperson broke the news in an e-mail to people who got tickets, and she seems to think that televising a show from another ball is comparable than having their own:


     "Instead," she writes, "we will be broadcasting from another DC location for our television program, which will air January 20th at 10pm."

     There you have it. MTV would rather you watch it from home then come to a ball they’ve set up. I’m surprised they didn’t work in a plug for Bromance. [Daily Swarm]