MP3s: Vampire Weekend on Daytrotter

    Let’s all pretend nothing has ever been written about Columbia graduates and current Brooklyn-ites, Vampire Weekend. That way this doesn’t have to be another article or news item that opens with a paragraph about how over-hyped they are or how underwhelming they can be live or how ridiculous the whole blog machine can be. That way we won’t waste anytime talking about their afro-beat sound or references to Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” And we certainly wouldn’t talk about how they signed to XL Records and are now expected to be a big, bad indie rock band. None of those things would even make the final cut. Or would they?
    “I stand corrected” … is also the title of one of two unreleased songs Vampire Weekend (over-hyped, afro-beat preppies) played over at Daytrotter a while back. The post went live today and also features stripped down versions of live favorites “Oxford Comma” and “Bryn.” Whatever people say about this band, if you can’t get behind the foot-stomping, key-board pumping chorus of “I Stand Corrected,” well, you might need to read some more blogs. ‘Cause you just don’t get it.

    Vampire Weekend MP3s at Daytrotter