MP3 Preview of Swan Lake’s Enemy Mine

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that everybody’s favorite indie-rock supergroup, Swan Lake, is set to release its second album, Enemy Mine, on March 24 through Jagjaguwar. You may or may not be aware, however, that MP3s of three tracks teasing the release have recently been made available through the label, so if you want to head to the Jagjaguwar site you can snap up "Spanish Gold, 2044," "A Hand at Dusk," and "Spider" all for the cost of, well, a few seconds of internet service.

    If you’re really chomping at the bit to get the whole thing, though, and you simply can’t bear the thought of waiting a whole month, you can also pre-order the CD to get immediate access to a digital version of Enemy Mine. Whether you go for the aforementioned MP3s or the pre-order, you’ll still be able to lord it over your less-informed friends, who will wind up sitting around for weeks waiting to catch up on any of the latest musings of Casey Mercer, Spencer Krug, and Dan Bejar.