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MP3: Kanye West "Can't Say No" ft. Trick Daddy

Although Kanye West week was last week, here's a new joint from Mr. 957K. No idea what the story is behind the track. Maybe it was a song left off Graduation? What do you guys think, better, on par or worse than the stuff off Graduation?
[Via: Spine]
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Kanye West
Trick Daddy

This should have been on Graduation in place of "Barry Bonds," which did not fit the rest of the album.

Stephon Johnson

Straight Rippin But Not Az Hard Az Me.

Kanye West

it was fire but it shouldnt b on the graduation and it also seem that it missing a couple of verses it jus end to short for me.

Ken Howard

sick song

Brian Davidson

this defiantly should've been on the Graduation but i dont think it should have replaced Barry Bonds

The Duck

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