Track Review: The Mountain Goats – “Michael Myers Resplendent”

    In the spirit of the holidays, John Darnielle offers up his yearly free MP3 on the Mountain Goats’ Web site. “Michael Myers Resplendent,” as you might have guessed, takes its name from the infamous slasher-flick killer. Surprise, surprise. Darnielle points out on the Web site that the reference is a cryptic one and the song is arguably “about a negative epiphany arrived at through the glory of progressive trance.” Apparently the track is part of a series Darnielle is working on, and a proper studio version will likely appear on the next Mountain Goats album.
    Back to the actual song, though. It’s a pretty bare-bones affair — just Darnielle and his acoustic. The lyrics swing from depressed to disturbed, but as with all good Mountain Goats songs, you’ll find yourself singing along anyway when the chorus hits: “When the house goes up in flames, nobody emerges triumphantly from it/ When the scum begins to circle the drain, well, everybody loves a winner.” I’m interested to see where this series goes — and whether or not Darnielle will rebound from the slightly dissapointing Get Lonely.