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Motorhead Announce New Album, 'The Wörld Is Yours'

Motörhead have been an active, touring band since 1975 (mind-boggling, I know). They've averaged one album every three years since that time, and they're pretty much the only O.G. speed-metal group that still gets good press. It's always nice to hear about a new album from the band, and based on the cover art and the charming umlaut over the o, The Wörld is Yours will be what the known universe wants from Motörhead. Cheers to that.


The new record is out on the band's own label, Motorhead Music (under EMI). It's set to arrive in Britain on Dec. 13. No word on an American release date yet. Check the track list below. [CoS]


The Wörld is Yours track list:

01 Born To Lose
02 I Know How To Die
03 Get Back In Line
04 Devils In My Head
05 Rock ‘N’ Roll Music
06 Waiting For The Snake
07 Brotherhood Of Man
08 Outlaw
09 I Know What You Need
10 Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

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