JamsBio compiles the most embarrassing moments in rock

    No matter how bad your day is, or how inconsequential you may feel, rest assured my friend, that you never knocked yourself out at the VMA’s when your bass hit you in the face. Or had your boob exposed by one of the guys in N’Sync. Or released Steel Wheels. Or peed your pants on stage.

    No, those things were all done by famous musicians, and JamsBio has posted video clips of just about everything listed above (minus the peeing onstage bit, that was Fergie, and the Steel Wheels reference, which as you know, is a terrible Rolling Stones album).

    The definite highlight is Kris Novoselic hitting himself in the head with a bass onstage at the VMA’s, while his band ignores him and plays on, and even destroy the drum kit without him. (Also of note is Beyonce falling down, hilarious.)
    For a full look at the videos click here: [JamsBio]