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Tracklist for Mos Def's 'Tru3 Magic' unveiled

Via: The Rap Up
The Mighty Mos Def has been busy doing that acting thing, but on December 19 he'll be dropping his third solo album Tru3 Magic. I remember there was chatter that Mos was basically doing this record to get out of his deal with Geffen. Not too much other info can be found on the album except that months ago it was reported that Pharrell Williams, Kayne West and Rich Harrison produced tracks on the album. Note: It looks like the track "Boogie Man" that was released back in August was dropped off the album.
1.)"Tru3 Magic"
3.)"U R the One"
4.)"Thug Is A Drug"
5.)"Crime & Medicine"
6.)"A Ha"
7.)"Dollar Day" (surprise, surprise)
8.)"Napoleon Dynamite"
9.)"There Is A Way"
10.)"Sun, Moon, Stars"
11.)"Murder of A Teenage Life"
12.)"Fake Bonanza"
13.)"Perfect Timing"
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"Thug Is a Drug"? and "Napoeleon Dynamite"?

Dave Park

Mos is one of the few people in hiphop that I still hold out hope for just b/c I know how talented he is but PLEASE no more Black Jack Johnson and get some higher quality production this time!!! There is no way you can tell me Mos can't get beats...


This is gonna be awful. Someone needs to slap his co-starring-Bruce-Willis ass out of his complacency. One of the great emcees of our time, throwing his career away.

Matthew Gasteier

*conspiracy theory*he doesnt want to waste good material on an album that will sell 100k, and he will have another album out within a year.

Adrian Covert

I'd seen hip-hop but I didn't listen to it till I saw Mos Def freestyln in a anon vid. I have high hopes for this album dispite it's devoid song titles.


[...] It’s been a big week of hip-hop leaks. Most of the heavy hitters (Ghostface, Young Jeezy, Mos Def) that are due out this month have done the leaky leak. Don’t ask us where to get the albums though because we don’t condone that type of behavior. In any case, for those of you that are patient and not cheap, check out the promo for Ghostface’s album More Fish. [...]

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i've heard the album, its awesome! and dont worry no black jack johnson :)


I've heard thé new album, and for me i really like it so much, its better than the new danger no doubt! im gonna buy it the day i comes out!


Album is the shit..Old Mos def with tight production


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