Tracklist for Mos Def’s ‘Tru3 Magic’ unveiled

    Via: The Rap Up
    The Mighty Mos Def has been busy doing that acting thing, but on December 19 he’ll be dropping his third solo album Tru3 Magic. I remember there was chatter that Mos was basically doing this record to get out of his deal with Geffen. Not too much other info can be found on the album except that months ago it was reported that Pharrell Williams, Kayne West and Rich Harrison produced tracks on the album. Note: It looks like the track “Boogie Man” that was released back in August was dropped off the album.

    1.)”Tru3 Magic”
    3.)”U R the One”
    4.)”Thug Is A Drug”
    5.)”Crime & Medicine”
    6.)”A Ha”
    7.)”Dollar Day” (surprise, surprise)
    8.)”Napoleon Dynamite”
    9.)”There Is A Way”
    10.)”Sun, Moon, Stars”
    11.)”Murder of A Teenage Life”
    12.)”Fake Bonanza”
    13.)”Perfect Timing”