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Mos Def, Pharcyde concert in Minnesota nearly leads to riot

It's surreal to imagine a Mos Def/ Pharcyde/ Atmosphere concert nearly leading to a riot in placid Harriet Island, Minnesota, but I suppose 10,000 peaceful protesters being shot with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets in par for the course when you're only a bridge away from the Republican National Convention (aka the epicenter of all evil).


Police made 284 arrests, 130 were booked on felony charges and the Take Back Labor Day festival will probably suffer an ignominous fate, which is too bad, because Minnesota can never get too much Mos Def. [Hiphopdx]


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Mos Def
The Pharcyde

i was at that rally, there were about 3,000 people at the actual concert. there may have been more across the river in downtown St. Paul. oh, and it was held in St. Paul, MN, Harriet Island is in an area of St. Paul, it is not its own city. i left when Mos Def was starting to perform, nothing against the music at all, but i went to see Steve Earle. i stood in the blazing sun for 4 hours trying to hold a place in front of the stage, only to get whacked out by folks who had tacky manners and also who had too much to drink. as far as when i was there, there wasn't any real violence at all, maybe some shouting from the folks at the concert, but nothing apparently like what was going on across the was, all in all, a kinda cool day, even though Steve didn't perform long enough, but then i never get enough Steve Earle.....

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