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Mos Def On 'Cosby Mysteries' (Video)


My paradigm has just done been exploded: Bill Cosby apparently had a show in the early '90s called Cosby Mysteries where he solved crimes and slept with ladies and didn't call them back (or at least I can assume, since he's so big-pimping in this video). But the reason my paradigm has done been blown is that Mos Def was apparently on said show, under his own name, Dante Beze. It's a pretty funny clip, especially for the Mos Def part. [NahRight]

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Mos Def

Yeah, I laughed about this, too.

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While most think Mos is a "rapper turned actor" he is actually a actor turned rapper. I remember a Kweli interview where he talked about how Mos put his acting career on hold to record the Black Star album.

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