Mos Def Making Documentary About Death

    Any band who assumes the “Death” moniker seems destined to make highly influential music. Florida band Death were widely regarded as being extremely influential in the death metal scene of the ‘80s, and the other Death—from Detroit, Michigan—were forbearers of the late ‘70s punk sound. More bands should try getting a little Death in their lives.


    The Detroit punks only recorded a handful of songs, which were released by Drag City earlier this years on …For the Whole World to See. They may have flown under the radar for several decades, but the members of Death are finally getting their dues, with rapper Mos Def now taking charge of a documentary about the band.


    “It’s going to be great,” he said in an interview with Filter Magazine. “These dudes were pre-Sex Pistols, pre-Bad Brains, pre-all that shit, and nobody knows them. I don’t understand how the whole world could forget them.” Mos Def will produce the documentary, which is being helmed by music video directors Coodie and Chike.