Mos Def and Gonjasufi on Thom Yorke’s Current Playlist


    Thom Yorke occasionally likes to reveal his latest musical listening habits, and he has once again compiled a list of his most-played artists. Yorke is currently gearing up for a number of North American dates, which include a spot at Coachella in mid-April.


    Mos Def’s “Twilite Speedball” from The Ecstatic tops out the list, which also includes a number of acts associated with Flying Lotus, including Gonjasufi and the Gaslamp Killer. Flying Lotus is set to open up for Yorke’s band on that forthcoming North American tour.


    Yorke’s latest “office chart” looks like this:


    01 Mos Def: “Twilite Speedball”

    02 Allah’s Reflection, Madvillain & Viktor Vaughn: “Fancy Clown”

    03 The Gaslamp Killer: “Baiafro”

    04 Jay Electronica: “Exhibit C”

    05 Ras G: “Penny’s Confession”

    06 Muhsinah feat. Flying Lotus: “Lose My Fuse”

    07 MIA: “MIA”

    08 Gonjasufi: “Holidays”

    09 Samiyam: “It’s Important”

    10 Untold: “Purify”